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Health Room

Health Room Updates from Nurse Katie:

  • You may send in an extra set of clothes labeled with your child’s name if necessary for spills, accidents, etc. Clothing in the health room is limited.
  • Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather! Layered clothing is a great idea for those chilly mornings, and warmer afternoons.
  • Please notify Nurse Katie of illnesses as we enter into flu, strep, covid, etc. season.
  • Your child may bring their own chap stick to school
  • Non-medicated cough drops are permitted. 1, or 2. Please do not send in a bag.
  • Medication may not be brought to school by a student
  • If your child is injured, requires use of a brace, crutches, wheelchair, etc., or is to be excused from PE, a DOCTOR’S NOTE is required to make the appropriate accommodations for the appropriate length of time. This is necessary to ensure we are taking the best care of your children while they are at school.
  • Flu clinic reminder! We will be having the MAES clinic on October 19th. The information regarding registration was sent by email.
  • A temperature of 100 degrees is considered a fever. We ask that you keep your child home and fever-free for a full 24 hours (without Tylenol or Ibuprofen) before returning to school. We realize that this can be a hardship for some parents/guardians, but necessary to keep from transmitting viruses to their classmates.
  • If your child is experiencing COVID-like symptoms, please test them. If the result is + please notify the nurse and quarantine for 5 days. Please note that the day they became symptomatic is considered day 0. If they are sent home from school with COVID-like symptoms, you will need to provide test results to the nurse prior to returning to school. This may be a home test.
  • Encourage good hand hygiene with your children, and please reach out if you have any questions!


Katie Trudo,  RN

MAES School Nurse

Health Room Forms